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Confidence with mathematical reasoning is essential for everybody’s future.

Some students will pursue pathways requiring advanced mathematical skills. Many will enter careers that hinge on their ability to be adaptable and to solve problems. All will engage in financial planning and decision-making that will be critical for their long-term happiness and wellbeing. The Chaucer mathematics curriculum is built to ensure that all students have the mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills to not only excel in assessments, but to fulfil their hopes and dreams in the world beyond.

The mathematics team set a high bar regarding what we expect of students and in turn what students expect of themselves. Our focus is on ensuring that students can confidently use the skills learnt to reason and solve problems. 

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Content

In Year 7 and Year 8 students follow a ‘mastery’ curriculum:

  • A range of units that build the foundations from which to successfully progress to the demands of the GCSE course
  • A balance between learning skills and then applying them to problem solving and reasoning questions
  • A focus on depth and the micro-steps of each skill, rather than skimming the surface of topics.

Students are grouped in sets. Each unit is studied at a level of complexity appropriate for each set, with three levels of challenge (‘Entering’ ‘Core’ and ‘Advanced’).

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Content

We study the OCR 1-9 GCSE course. Students follow one of three pathways (‘Lower Foundation’, ‘Upper Foundation’ or ‘Higher’), progressing through the GCSE units at a pace appropriate for the ability of each group. There are three papers to complete in the final GCSE exams.


Every Key Stage 3 and GCSE unit finishes with an end of unit assessment, generating a grade for each student. This enables us to track individual students’ topics of strength and areas for improvement.

Each year group also sits two TSAT assessments. These enable performance to be analysed across the Trust schools.

Additional support and intervention 

The maths team host weekly after school examination preparation sessions.

We employ an intervention tutor and a dedicated teaching assistant to provide small group / one-to-one support for underachieving students.