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  • Changes to the school day

    Published 16/06/22

    Please see the attached letter below for more information.

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  • Ofsted Inspection 7th-8th June 2022

    Published 06/06/22

    Her Majesty’s Inspectors will be in Chaucer School on Tuesday 7th June and Wednesday 8th June.

    We welcome the feedback of all parents during this inspection.

    If you would like to give your views, please follow the link below:

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  • Access to facilities during lessons

    Published 21/04/22

    Please see the attached letter for more information.

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  • Closing registers update April 2022

    Published 18/04/22

    As part of our ongoing efforts to maximise attendance to school, we are making a slight change to how we operate the registers in the morning. This change is to ensure as many children as possible are in the building, learning, and opening as many doors as possible to bright futures.

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  • Year 11 Easter revision sessions

    Published 01/04/22
    Y11 revision invitation for sessions over Easter have gone out today. They are being posted to any students that are absent. Session are running in the following subject on the following days from 9am-1pm.
    Monday 4th April maths and history
    Tuesday 5th April hospitality and Miss Mujushi’s engineering class
    Friday 8th April English
    Tuesday 12th April science, hospitality and Mr Tuke’s engineering class
    Wednesday 13th April geography
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  • Parent Governor Recruitment

    Published 31/03/22

    Are you interested in joining Chaucer School’s Local Governing Body as a Parent Governor? We currently have a vacancy and need your skills and knowledge to bring a parental perspective to the school’s priorities and strategy to assure the continued development and success of Chaucer School. 

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  • Changes to Leadership and Expectations

    Published 24/03/22

    There have been some leadership changes at Chaucer School and Tapton School Academy Trust that I need to make you aware of. Please see the attached letter for more information.

    Best wishes
    Joanna Crewe

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  • Year 7 Parents evening date change

    Published 15/03/22

    Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to postpone the Y7 parents’ evening scheduled for Tuesday 15th March until next week. It will now take place on Tuesday 22nd March between 4 and 6.30pm. 

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  • How to book parents evening appointments

    Published 15/03/22

    All appointments for parents evenings can be booked via the school MCAS app. 

    For more information on how to book appointments please visit

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  • Free courses available to parents

    Published 11/03/22

    Due to Government Funding in the Adult Education Budget, we have several Free online Level 2 Accredited Courses available to staff and Parents to help better understand some key issues around young people's mental health and wellbeing, along with a range of other qualifications that may help with developing their own careers.

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  • NCS Free Event for Y11 Students - Update 8th March

    Published 03/03/22

    Updated 8th March.

    A message from NCS:

    We have unfortunately had to change the date for the upcoming NCS Air Haus event for Year 11.

    We have changed it from the 9th March to the 14th April, as we had a lot say they couldn’t make it due to it being during the school week. Taking this into consideration we have moved the event to the 14th April from 5 pm till 7 pm so it is during the Easter holidays.

    We are sorry for any inconveniences this causes.

    You can still sign up via the link

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  • Half Term Newsletter from the Head of School

    Published 11/02/22

    Please find the latest half-term newsletter from our Head of School attached. We would like to wish you all a restful and safe half-term, and we look forward to welcoming all students back on Monday 21st of February.

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  • Year 11 Examinations Update

    Published 28/01/22

    Please read the attached letter regarding trail examinations for year 11 students.

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  • Year 9 Options 2022

    Published 25/01/22

    We are now launching the options process with Y9 in full. Owing to the current covid situation, we have deemed it best to share information with you virtually, in order to minimise face to face interactions. We have placed the information we would normally share with you in person on a specially created section of the school website.

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  • School learning and development update

    Published 19/01/22

    Despite ongoing COVID related staffing difficulties across Sheffield and the UK, we are happy to be managing to stay open for all students at the moment. Long may that continue! Chaucer students continue to learn and we continue to develop with your help – so the time is right for us to share some updates with you.

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  • LFD and self-isolation update

    Published 07/01/22

    Please see the information attached regarding LFD testing, self-isolation, masks and vaccinations.

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  • Y11 English Revision Guides

    Published 06/01/22

    Year 11 English revision guides are now available to order via ParentPay

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  • Y10 English Revision Guides

    Published 06/01/22

    Year 11 English revision guides are now available to order via ParentPay.

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