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The Chaucer Way

The Chaucer Way - Our Behaviour Curriculum

The Aims of the Chaucer Way Behaviour Curriculum

The Chaucer School behaviour curriculum embodies our culture and ethos developed through a Trauma Informed and ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) aware approach where relationships are at the centre of all interactions to support boundaries and clear expectations that provide emotional safety and security. This approach encapsulates and supports the wider school community and includes all young people, all staff, parent(s)/carers, and any external agencies who work collaboratively with Chaucer School. The ethos promoted at Chaucer demands high expectations of staff and students also demonstrates respect, tolerance, and an understanding of individual differences. This will drive the school community towards equity of opportunity and high aspirations for all. We aim to create a culture of good behaviour, not only for learning, but within the community and for life.

We will aim to build a community which holds true to our core values of kindness, respect and responsibility and empathy for others to help learners take control over their behaviour and be responsible for the consequences of it. We educate and encourage our school community to value the diversity in our society and the environment in which they live becoming active and responsible citizens, having a positive contribution their own community and society in general.

Through encouraging positive behaviour, we can promote good working relationships throughout the school community. These relationships are built on trust compassion, empathy and understanding. We aim to ensure that as students practise these behaviours, over time they become habits that positively shape how they feel about themselves and how other people perceive them. The Relationship and Behaviour Policy supports the consistent application of The Chaucer Way at all points of the school day, in and out of lessons.