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School Uniform

Blazers and jumpers can be ordered from Pinders School wear. Either via their website or by visiting in-store at Crystal Peaks.

Uniform Expectations

What students must wear:

  • Fully supportive footwear that is all black (shoes/pumps/boots/trainers)
  • Black or grey trousers or a black or grey skirt
  • Chaucer school blazer
  • Plain white formal shirt or blouse (may be short or long sleeved)
  • Chaucer school tie

What students can wear as part of their uniform:

  • Plain navy jumper with no writing or logo on it

What students cannot wear:

  • Footwear that isn’t fully supportive of student’s feet (sliders etc.)
  • Footwear that isn’t all black
  • Jeans, tracksuit bottoms or leggings of any colour
  • Tee shirts of any kind
  • Hoodies of any kind
  • Jumpers that are not navy in colour
  • Jumpers with any writing, logos or other colours on them
  • A jacket or coat when in lesson

Pinders school wear are the sole supplier for our school blazer and school tie and are contactable via their website:

Shoes, trousers, skirts, shirts and blouses are all available at local supermarkets and chain stores. Staff at Pinders store in Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre will be happy to assist you with ensuring that approved school uniform is purchased. If in any doubt on any uniform items please do check with school first before buying items that do not comply with school uniform policy. Colour swatches for trousers/skirts are also available from the school office.

  • Correct school uniform must be worn every day.
  • Coats, scarves, jackets and gloves must be removed when students are in lesson
  • School shirts/blouses must fit properly and be worn tucked in at all times.
  • Small, discreet items of jewellery may be worn e.g. earrings, small bracelet and rings but items of jewellery considered excessive or a health and safety concern will be removed. All jewellery must be removed for PE.
  • We encourage students to wear faith related cultural dress to school but would ask that the school blazer is also worn.

PE Kit

Uniform expectations for PE lessons and sporting activities

  • Chaucer T-Shirt
  • Chaucer Hoodie (optional)
  • Black leggings or tracksuit bottoms

Example of one small logo:


Examples of logos/stripes that are not permitted:


PE kit can be ordered via Pinders School wear.


Uniform Expectation Consequences

Consequences of students not meeting school uniform expectations will follow the process outlined below:

Incorrect Uniform Consequence

Student arrives to school in incorrect footwear

Parental contact made, student is sent home to change or remains in reflection until the uniform can be corrected

Student arrives to school in jeans, tracksuit bottoms or leggings

Parental contact made, student is sent home to change or remains in reflection until the uniform can be corrected

Student arrives to school without a Chaucer school blazer

Student is asked to put their blazer on from inside their bag. If the student hasn’t brought their blazer then parental contact needs to be made from form tutor to ensure student is bringing their blazer to school and wearing it each day

Student arrives to school without a Chaucer school tie

Student is given a school tie to wear that day and returns this to their year lead or engagement leader at the end of the school day


Failure to comply with school processes may result in escalated sanctions.

Non-Uniform Days Expectations

Non-uniform days mean students are able to swap their normal school wear for their own clothes in return for an agreed amount. To enable this to continue its important we are clear about what the expectations around these non-uniform days are. 

Please look closely at the below expectations of behaviour, dress and equipment:

  • Behaviour - The school expectations in terms of all aspects of behaviour remain exactly the same as normal school days.  Student need to conduct themselves in line with the school policies as usual.
  • Equipment – students must have all their equipment with them. This includes:
    • Pen / pencil / ruler etc
    • Planner
    • Bag
    • PE Kit – if they have PE
  • Clothing -  this is an opportunity for students to wear their non-school clothes but the following expectations apply and must be followed:
    • External jackets/coats must be removed inside classrooms. 
    • All hoods on hoodies must remain down on school grounds.
    • All hats and gloves must be removed inside the school building
Clothing must be appropriate for a school environment - this means NO clothes that expose inappropriate amounts of skin, such as low cut tops, crop tops, or excessively ripped jeans. School will make the decisions on whether clothing is appropriate for a school environment and make a common sense judgment. If students are inappropriately dressed they will be asked to go home to change (with parent consent) or need to remain in Reflection. 

Parents should note that the school carries no insurance for and bears no responsibility for student's personal clothing or equipment unless there is proof of negligence.

If you have any questions please contact us.