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Assessment and Feedback

Chaucer School – Assessment and Feedback Policy 

At Chaucer School, the curriculum is the progression model. Students keeping pace with the Knowledge, Skills and Understanding as outlined in our ambitious curriculum planning will be students making good academic progress. 

To ensure that students are keeping pace with the curriculum, we use a four-step assessment model. 

  1. Ongoing retrieval practice built into lessons 
  2. Formalised VIP (Very Important Pieces) testing with frequency determined by subject areas as appropriate 
  3. Key pieces of work completed during the study of a topic 
  4. Formal common assessments, which are aligned with TSAT as appropriate 

Each subject area has their own Assessment and Feedback protocols which stipulate what is expected of teachers in terms of assessing student learning and offering feedback, and what is expected of students in terms of their responding to that feedback. 

In addition to the four-step assessment model, students can expect to receive ongoing formative feedback throughout lessons, and on work completed outside of lesson-time, as appropriate.  

Teachers check pupils’ understanding systematically, identify misconceptions accurately and provide clear, direct feedback. In so doing, they respond and adapt their teaching as necessary. 

Teachers and leaders use assessment well. They use it to help pupils embed and use knowledge fluently, to check understanding and inform teaching, and to understand different starting points and gaps.