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In the event of a school closure

Advance arrangements for potentially disruptive weather

It is always our intention to open the school, unless prevented by snow or adverse weather conditions.
However, in the event of snowfall after school begins, we may have to take the decision to send children home early in order to ensure their safe return.

Whilst we have no wish to alarm parents, we feel we need to make preparations that can be applied throughout the winter season, if needed.

Can we therefore ask that you consider what arrangements you will put in place should Chaucer School need to close early. Such arrangements might include;

  • Arranging for your child to go to a friend's house nearby.
  • Ensuring your child has a key and to make their way home.
  • Your child to remain on site until you can arrange collection as soon as possible following notification of school closure.

Whilst we will endeavour to run as normally as possible throughout winter, we must advise that should students be required to leave the site early, it is likely that staff will also need to leave early to ensure their own safe return home. For this reason whilst we will ensure staff remain on site to supervise the swift and safe exit of the students we cannot offer on-going supervision beyond the end of the school day.

If a decision is taken to close before the school day starts we will send out a text message to all parents who have given us a mobile phone contact number and the information will appear on the following websites:

  • Chaucer School - website and social media
  • Hallam FM – 
  • Radio Sheffield and Hallam FM will also announce any school closures on their radio station.

If a decision has to be taken to close early, we will make a formal announcement to students and advise them to contact you directly if possible. Students will be allowed to use their mobile phones in school if this is the case. In addition, we will send a text message out to all parents who have a mobile phone number logged on our information system.

May we make a request that if you have not yet provided us with your mobile phone contact number then you please contact us and do so as matter of urgency.