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We intend to teach our students that their creativity is valuable and that the ability to create can be learned.

What we see and hear in the world has been created by performers, artists and designers who used skills and understanding. All of our individual schemes of learning are intended to expose students to a wealth or design and self-expression, which they are guided to explore, appreciate and understand. Across both key stages it is our intention that students gain cultural capital and that, more importantly, they are given the skills and knowledge to become participants in the world of creativity.

It is our intention that our learners leave us with the well justified belief that creativity is something that they possess, understand and can express in the real world.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Content

All students in Key Stage 3 have a one hour Art lesson per week for the complete year. Students will explore a range of themes and work with a variety of media and art techniques throughout this time.

Year 7 

Students will be introduced to a foundation course of ‘Formal Elements” including drawing and colour theory. Two further units will follow on from this.

Year 8

Students will develop and build on skills already learnt in year 7. Students are encouraged to investigate ideas in a sketchbook and to create larger pieces of work in a range of media.

Year 9

Students will explore 3 different themes throughout, critical studies will be entwined within each project, to ensure that students learn from the work of other artists. Students will begin to explore the work of artists, research and present information in a sketchbook and create a range of practical work and final pieces in different media

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Content

AQA GCSE Art, Craft and Design

The early projects in year 10 tend to be directed, however as the GCSE Art course progress’s students are increasingly encouraged to become more independent. There is an emphasis on drawing, using a wide range of media, and experimentation.  Students are encouraged to improve their skills by looking at the work of other artists and designers. All students will work in a sketchbook which will be used to collect and present information, develop ideas and experiment with materials.

The course is assessed by 60% coursework and 40% final exam