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World Mental Health Day 2023

Staff at Chaucer School dressed in yellow on World Mental Health Day (10th October) as part of YoungMinds’ #HelloYellow campaign, which called on people to stand together in support of young people struggling with their mental health, to show they matter and deserve the help they need, when they need it, no matter what.

Young people are experiencing a unique set of pressures for a generation growing up, living through a pandemic and cost of living crisis against the backdrop of global instability, combined with other factors such as academic pressure, all of which is taking a toll on their mental health.

YoungMinds is urging the Government to prioritise young people’s mental health, including providing early support in communities, increasing help in schools and reducing waiting times.

Laura Bunt, Chief Executive at YoungMinds, said: “We want to thank Chaucer School for their support for #HelloYellow. By wearing yellow, they’ve shown young people’s mental health matters. This comes at a time when the young generation are facing a unique set of pressures, with more young people than ever before needing support for their mental health and many facing long waits for help.