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Year 7 – Sir Harry Kroto Day Visit to The University of Sheffield

On Tuesday 13th of June a group of our year 7 students visited the University of Sheffield to take part in the Sir Harry Kroto Day. The day is a celebration of the Nobel prize winning work of Sir Harry Kroto and his discovery of Buckminster Fullerene which was given the nick name “Bucky Ball” due to its structure. The students took part in workshop activities in the morning learning about the scientific scale from the gigantic gigametres to opposite extreme of nanometres. They built their own Bucky Balls and explored the unique geometry of this amazing molecule.

In the afternoon the students got their lab coats, goggles and gloves on to take part in some experiments to explore the chemistry of different molecules in the teaching laboratories in the Dainton Building. Students made their own bath bombs, explored the slippery and stretchy world of slime and watched various demonstrations including elephant’s toothpaste and the wonders of liquid nitrogen.

The students were impeccably behaved and were an absolute credit to themselves and the school. I was proud to be able to accompany them and share their experience. I hope that they had as much fun as I did and consider the opportunities that life at university can provide.

Well done doesn’t seem quite enough to congratulate them on their participation in the event! I am immensely proud of their conduct and engagement in the day, and it really did remind me of the reasons I chose to be a teacher. Thank you, year 7!

Dr Aitken