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Free courses available to parents

Due to Government Funding in the Adult Education Budget, we have several Free online Level 2 Accredited Courses available to staff and Parents to help better understand some key issues around young people's mental health and wellbeing, along with a range of other qualifications that may help with developing their own careers.

Here's some of our most popular subjects available:

  • Children and Young Peoples Mental Health (Understand factors which may affect Young Peoples mental health, the impact that they have and how to support them with these issues)
  • Understanding Autism (learn how individuals process sensory information, understand characteristics, conditions, and how speech, language and communication differ in people with Autism)
  • Understanding Behaviour That Challenges in Children (supporting positive behaviour, effective communication & how to manage challenging behaviour)
  • Bullying in Children and Young People (develop your understanding of bullying, including how to recognise that bullying is taking place and how to take action to stop it)
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability (a detailed understanding of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, including equality and diversity in the context of SEND)
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (Support children and young people affected, gain insight into how to strengthen their resilience and empower them to overcome the challenges they face)
  •  Mental health first aid and mental health advocacy in the workplace
  • Suicide and self-harm prevention
  • Teaching Assistant Qualification (L3 Diploma in Specialist Support For Teaching & Learning in Schools, must be already a TA)
  • Lunchtime Assistant Qualification (L3 Diploma in Playwork, must be employed by the school)

These are just the popular qualifications, but we have over 30 available

The qualifications are completed within a 6–8-week period, duration is completely dependent on each learner's ability as to how fast they complete and how many hours it takes. I would however advise that these are NOT 'short courses' that will take just a few hours to complete. As these are equivalent to a GCSE Grade C, you are required to write comprehensive answers for some questions.

No Exams or end point assessments are involved, the courses are purely Q&A based (including comprehensive answers) and are available to you 24/7. You can do as many as you like, however you can just do one at a time.

The only criteria the learner must meet to be eligible, is the following..   

  • Aged 19 or over on or before 31st August 2020    
  • Have lived in the UK/EU for 3+ years    
  • Not already on a Government funded course (Apprenticeship for example)

If you are interested in undertaking one of these Free Online courses, then please complete the following link asap. This will then allow me to contact you and send over the relevant Enrolment details and of course, answer any questions you have:

If you have any questions, call Stacey Taylor-Hinds on 0203 900 3091 extension 226 or drop me an email at I will be your main point of contact.