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School learning and development update

Despite ongoing COVID related staffing difficulties across Sheffield and the UK, we are happy to be managing to stay open for all students at the moment. Long may that continue! Chaucer students continue to learn and we continue to develop with your help – so the time is right for us to share some updates with you.

School Values
All students and staff have been through a discussion and vote for choosing three core values for us - things that we all agree we should have, develop, and look for in others. Overwhelmingly, students and staff chose the following:

Respect – Be respectful of others, ourselves and our environment.
Responsibility – Be responsible for ourselves and our actions.
Kindness – Be kind. Always.

Following these three school values of respect, responsibility and kindness, we are revisiting with students how these values can be shown in four areas across school, by being clear about what we expect from students, and what our goals are.

Attendance to lesson
We want students to be in every lesson as soon as possible, and enjoy a positive learning experience. If students truant from lesson for any reason, they must expect to spend time in the ‘R Room’ to reset and consider why they chose to miss out on learning time, and access support in terms of making the right choice next time.

We want all students to value being on time to school and to lesson. Lateness shows a lack of respect to themselves and others and a lack of responsibility to their learning. We will continue to let parents and carers know when students are late to school, support students into learning on arrival, as we work together on lateness and punctuality.

We are lucky enough to have modern toilet cubicles at Chaucer School with hand washing and drying facilities in each. We know parents and carers will agree that toilets should never be a social space.

We expect students to use toilet cubicles alone, to treat them with respect and to aim to use them at break and lunch times. Any use during lesson time must be signed off in the planner by a teacher.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are a part of modern life and when used responsibly, can support students in a positive way. Students are aware of the following for the acceptable use of mobile phones:

  • Phones should not be seen at any point during lesson time. Phones will be removed immediately if seen in lesson.
  • Students can use their phones in ‘phone zones’ in social times – in the dining hall, in three other areas made clear to students, and in all outdoor spaces.
  • Phones seen on corridors will be asked to be put away until students can get to a ‘phone zone’, but removed if that request has to be repeated.
  • At no point in school should students be taking or sharing videos or photos of themselves or others.

We will review student use of phones in school at the end of this term and I will update you further if necessary.

Please discuss these four areas with your young person and what the three values mean for them.

We thank you for continuing to work with Chaucer School as we develop together. If you have any questions about any of the information within this letter, or any other query, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Yours faithfully
Joanna Crewe
Head of School