Year 10 consultation
We are delighted that you are going to come in and meet with a member of staff and look forward to seeing you shortly. 
We know that many people are anxious about young people returning to school even for these one to one consultations so want to reassure you that we have undertaken rigorous risk assessments and introduced a number of safety measures that will help to make this experience as safe as possible and we ask that you follow these guidelines carefully:
  • Meetings will take place in the main hall
  • Please come onto site through the entrance nearest to the kitchens, not through main school entrance
  • Parents arriving in cars must park in the car park on the left of school as you look at it - nearest to the school kitchens  
  • Access to the main hall will be directly into the  hall via the gazebo at the fire door. Do not enter school through the main visitor entrance
  • Please arrive promptly for your appointment to minimise numbers of people in the area. If you are early please wait in your car or in the carpark 
  • Student and one parent/carer only to attend scheduled appointment
  • On arrival you will be booked in and asked to wash/sanitise your hands, and your temperature will be checked by a member of staff
  • Floor markings have been laid out ensuring 2 metre distancing can be maintained at all times
  • A one way system will be in operation directing you in and out of the building to minimise  crossover of people in the building 
  • The table and chairs you are seated at will be sanitised in between each meeting
  • Do not attend your appointment if you or anyone in your household is displaying any symptoms of covid19
The aim of these meetings is to check on well being during this long period of absence from school but is primarily to support Year 10 students in accessing as much learning as possible in order to make them best prepared for their return to school. Staff will explore:
  • how much home learning students have been accessing, 
  • any barriers to accessing the home learning including any issues with the amount and/or level of the work  set, 
  • any issues with IT including difficulty logging into email account, availability of laptop/computer, wifi issues
  • any issues with accessing staff to seek support
The outcomes of these meetings will differ for students depending on the issues that are identified but we would anticipate that students will have follow up meetings with relevant staff whether this is subject specific staff, IT staff or indeed our pastoral staff to address the issues raised.
We trust that these meetings will be beneficial to our young people as they make their way through this unusual form of schooling and that it will help them to be best prepared for a  more formal return to school sometime in the not too distant future.