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Year 9 options Procedure

The options process begins in the spring term of Y9, during which students complete a unit of work in LIFE focussing on career choices and how their options should match their ideas for their future.
Currently, at Chaucer, we expect students to student eight GCSE or equivalent qualifications in KS4. They study a core curriculum that is made up of English language, English literature, maths and dual science. In addition to this, students must pick a further Ebacc subject choosing from French, geography, history and computer science. They are then free to choose either traditional GCSE or vocational subjects from the remaining two option blocks.

Y9 Options Evening is scheduled to take place at the end of the autumn term takes, following the work students have done in LIFE. During this event, parents and students are given the opportunity to meet with staff from each subject area to find out information about GCSE and vocational courses. Parents and students are encouraged to go to as many subject areas as possible, finding out as much information as they can so that students are comfortable picking options from each block. Presentations are also given at this event, giving details about how the options process works, timescales and deadlines.


A short time after options evening, an options assembly takes place. This gives students further information about the process, timescales and the deadline for handing the completed options form in. During a LIFE lesson the following day, students are given their options form and a letter to inform parents of how it should be filled in, along with the deadline for its return. It is made clear that options are not allocated on a first come first served basis and they a reserve subject must be selected in each option block in case students’ first choice does not run.


Once forms have been returned, students are allocated subjects. They are given a further interview by a member of the leadership team to discuss their choices, if this is necessary, and time is given for amendments if they are necessary. Where possible, students are allocated their first options and, traditionally, most do get them. In some cases, because an option is full or is there are too small a number choosing it to make it viable to run (normally fewer than 15), students will be located their second choice. If this is necessary, students are spoken to individually to explain why this has happened.


Once the process has been completed, students and parents are informed via letter of which options they have been allocated. This normally takes place in late June.