Chaucer School seeks to create a positive learning environment where all members of the school community can learn together and achieve together. Consistently Good/Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment is key in creating this environment and represents the school’s core business.

  • Every teacher takes full responsibility for meeting the teacher standards and improving the quality of teaching that students experience.
  • Every teacher effectively plans and delivers lessons using the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) Cycle and its underpinning elements
  • Every teacher models the TEEP effective teacher behaviours
  • Every teacher recognises and rewards the TEEP effective learner behaviours
  • Teachers support one another through on-going professional dialogue at every level.
  • The quality of teaching results in higher student achievement and progress.

Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme

 “TEEP provides a holistic framework that goes far beyond a lesson planning tool. It influences every aspect of the school, including culture, ethos, behaviours, vision and values”

What is the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP)?

  • A framework for effective teaching and learning developed from research evidence
  • An effective CPD programme
  • A process not a product
  • Delivered by outstanding teacher practitioners who have themselves been through all levels of TEEP training
  • Generic- all subjects, all phases