Chaucer School and Teachers2Parents are proud to present our brand new FREE app for parents and guardians.

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Direct Messaging

Messaging has never been easier! The app gives all easy access to all messages keeping you informed and allowing you to message Chaucer School, Free of Charge* with a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.


Parent notices appear directly to the in app noticeboard, informing parents of important whole school messages.

Term Calendar

The term calendar displays which days your child’s school is open or closed throughout the year.


Download the Teachers2Parents App Now

Download on Apple device             Download for Andriod Device

*The app also allows users to message the school free of charge, without the message coming out of their text message allowance. The does require a wi-fi connection or mobile data.

Please contact for more information about the mobile application.


Rugby Success

A fantastic team effort for Chaucer's Titans this evening in the rain, wind and cold muddy conditions. We saw a triumphant team win by 2 games to 1 - we're very proud of our rugby team!


Sugar Consultation

Dear Chaucer Students.

Sheffield City Council would like to find out more about the types of drinks that young people in Sheffield are drinking. The survey is anonymous (this means that we are not asking for your name).

Please answer the questions honestly as this will provide us with more accurate and useful information.

Click on 'Next' to move onto the next page. Don't forget to click on 'Submit' when you get to the end of the survey! Thank you for taking part.