December 2018 Chaucer Chat

Newsletter 18 February 2020

Welcome to the Chaucer Chat December Edition.

Dates for your diary

Monday 7 January – First day back for students
Wednesday 23 January – Year 9 parents evening
Wednesday 23 January – Options evening
Monday 4 February until Friday 8 February – Year 8 exams

Sports fixtures 
Please keep an eye on the school website and Facebook for all future sports fixtures

Facilities for hire
We have slots available on our 3G all-weather pitch for training.  Please contact Debbie Bower or Fran Rayworth on 0114 2322338 for further details.

Building an alumni community to inspire our students

We are delighted to inform you that Chaucer School is working with the education charity Future First to build a thriving alumni community. Amongst our former students is a whole host of talented role models who we want to connect with, to celebrate their success and inspire our current students. Alumni can be brought back into school to offer careers and education advice, mentor students, provide work experience placements and much more besides.
We need you …!
Please help us reach out to our former students using your own networks. From doctors to dancers, pilots to plumbers, we need alumni from a range of careers to open our students’ eyes to what’s possible.
If you are a former student or know of any who’d like to stay in touch and give back to their old school, please ask them to sign up at: and why not join our Facebook community by searching @exchaucerschool

Sporting achievements

Y8 boys football cup result

Chaucer 2-6 Bradfield
Tough game against a well-organised Bradfield side. Inexperience and a few defensive errors proved costly however, the boys showed resilience and grabbed themselves a late consolation goal showing their determination to see the game through to the end.
The boys are now focused on developing themselves in training and ready to bounce back in their next game. Keep your heads up boys!

Badminton Success
A very successful badminton fixture against Sheffield High School. Some excellent performances on display as well as a very friendly atmosphere. Special mention to Ethan who made a lasting impression on the other member of staff with his good manners by opening the door for everyone to welcome them in!

Y11 boys football
Chaucer 11-2 Firth Park
The Y11 boys maintain their unbeaten league record beating Firth Park B team.

Chaucer 3-0 Yewlands
Not one of the finest performances from the boys but they fought well and came away with the takings! Please also congratulate the boys on keeping their heads on the game and showing resilience in front of a particularly large (and loud) Yewlands following

Anti-bullying week: The Year 8 LIFE curriculum

During this half term 8SD have been reflecting on the topic of anti-bullying.  We have discussed a number of real life scenarios and made decisions on ways to improve things for all involved in incidents of bullying. This has involved learning to use empathy and trying to see things from others’ points of view.  We have discussed how we can be supportive to those suffering from bullying and help to defuse rather than escalate situations. We have also talked about the importance of kindness and how we can all strive towards making the school a kinder place.  We are hoping to see further positive outcomes to this – watch this space!

Recently the Year 8s have had the opportunity to explore the problems around bullying and discuss solutions to do with bullying in all its forms. They have been able to openly discuss the impact it can have on characters we have studied as well as vocalise any issues that they have felt in their own lives.

Students are, of course, very concerned with cyberbullying and have reflected on how they can keep themselves (and others) safe online.

They also have had the chance to express their ideas in other forms such as these graphic representations of kindness- which is the message we want to spread around school.

Over the past few weeks 8MWr have been looking at the issues surrounding bullying. We have looked at the different types of bullying and tried to empathise with those who have experienced bullying through the use of case studies and real life examples. During this unit students have discovered that bullying falls into a number of categories including cyber, physical, emotional, social and sexual bullying. Students also had the opportunity to add to a “wall of anti-bullying” employing their literacy skills to write a quote or poem which they feel reflects how they feel about bullying.

During the autumn term 10 Year 8 students have been working hard to achieve their peer smoking ambassador award. They took part in 8 hours of training with Zest, finishing with an observation of the advice they gave to other students during a lunchtime corridor workshop.
All students have been trained in the necessary protocols including how to measure carbon monoxide using a carbon monoxide testing kit.
All students received an ASDAN certification and a £10 Meadowhall voucher.
Our new peer smoking ambassadors will be available in school to offer advice to fellow students and will be supporting the Year 7s in the new year with their anti-smoking projects.
Congratulations and well done to all the students.

Theme Days

Friday 30 November saw Chaucer School completing their first theme day of the academic year.
Year 7 students took part in a road safety competition, creating a road safety campaign on one of 3 briefs provided by the Sheffield Road safety team. They worked hard all day, supported by Jude and Janene from the Road Safety team and produced a fantastic range of work.
Winners were judged in a presentation of their work at the end of the day and after some intense deliberation by Mrs Todd, Miss Lloyd, Jude and Janene, 7KM were announced the winners for their fantastic (and tear jerking) video, enhanced by some superb live dancing.
Year 8s and Year 10s had a challenging and interesting day offered by Prison Me! No Way!
Prison Me! No Way! is a national educational charity with a core aim of raising awareness among young people about the causes, consequences and penalties of crime. They had a variety of workshops throughout the day, including visiting a prison cell (which was relocated to the school for the day) and hearing from a serving prisoner about the impact crime has had on their life. More about Prison Me! No Way! can be found at
Year 9s completed their SRE programme in a carousel of different lessons taught over the day and Year 11s worked towards completing their UCAS applications, preparing for mock interviews and planning for post-16 provision during the post-16 presentation attended by a range of providers from across the city.
A great day was had by all!

Forces in Science

As part of a Year 7 Forces topic in science, 7G were testing parachutes they had made by releasing them over the science atrium, with the goal of successfully landing a raw egg!

School Uniform

As we move into a new year we are keen to ensure that our young people continue to wear full school uniform. School uniform checks have been undertaken over the last couple of weeks and notes placed in planners where uniform has been found to be incorrect. A phone call home should also have been made so that you are aware of any concerns around your child’s uniform
The school uniform expectations are currently shown in your child’s planner, on the website and in the school uniform policy document available from the office, however they are also summarised here:
Footwear – plain black leather or leather look footwear – no coloured logos, no fabric inserts, no gold bars or buckles
Skirts – with a waistband, no clingy, skin tight or “tube” style skirts. Must be no more than 2 inches above the knee
Trousers – with a waistband, tailored, no skin tight, no leggings or jeggings
Plain black knee length or ankle socks, plain black or flesh covered tights
Please do take the time over the Christmas holiday to make sure that your child is in full correct uniform for Monday 7th January. Students in incorrect uniform at the start of the new term will be placed in our pre exclusion room until resolved. If you do have any concerns or wish to seek more clarity on uniform please do contact your child’s Year Manager.
Thank you for all your support in this
Mrs A Todd

Fitness Suite 

We are looking at opening our fitness suite to the public in the New Year.
We have the a state of the art gym suite complete with a range of pulse weight and CV machines.
There would be a fitness instructor on hand to provide expert advice and provide a routine designed to help you.
To register your interest   please contact either D Bower or F Rayworth call 0114 2322338 or email
Opening Times: Monday  -Thursday 6pm-9pm

Attendance Rewards

Year 7 & 8 reward disco.
The lights shined bright for our attendance champions in Year 7 and Year 8 at the school disco. Some great moves were to be seen on the dance floor and a great time was had by all. An amazing well done to all the students who qualified for a ticket though their attendance this term.

Year 9 & 10 film reward.
A brilliant total of 132 Year 9 students and 71 Year 10 students qualified for the film day reward on Wednesday 18 December by achieving 100% attendance since September. It was a great event with free ‘’goodies’’ given out to the students whilst they enjoyed the film Elf (chosen by them). Well done to all the students for their resilience, coming to school every day – keep up the good work!

As part of Chaucer’s push to improve attendance, there were over 180 students with 10%0% attendance who qualified for a prize draw. Once student from each year group was selected at random and each one was the proud winners of a Christmas hamper to make the perfect start to the Christmas season. A huge well done to you all students who have shown huge resilience and achieved 100% attendance this term.

We will be holding another prize draw at Easter for 100% from January so every child has a chance to win an Easter Egg hamper – you have to be in it to win it!

Year 7 Fundraising

Chaucer School has been fundraising in the final week of term for Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Everyone was invited to wear ‘Christmas Clobber’ on Tuesday 18 December in return for a contribution to our chosen charities. There were some spectacular outfits from all year groups and staff!
Year 7s have also put on a selection of stalls over lunchtimes as part of their charities unit in LIFE. There were a variety of events from ‘Pie Face’ to ‘guess the baby pictures’, ‘name the bear’ to ‘Malteaser football’. Students and teachers could also pick up a last minute Christmas gift with earrings, buns and a raffle. Great fun was had by all.
Counting is still underway so check the website for the final total and have a look at Chaucer’s Star if you are passing the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Thanks to all involved.

Celebration Evening

We had an excellent evening at the autumn term celebration evening on Wednesday 19 December with 65 students receiving awards. Awards were given to students for an array of achievements including the subject area awards; Year Managers’ award; for the most improved attendance; for making the most progress in their year group; for progress and resilience in interventions; for reciprocity, reflectiveness, resilience, resourcefulness and respect; for having the highest number of stamps; the Governors’ award and many many more. Well done to all our students for your achievements this term.

A great end to the year!

The final day of the term we celebrated what has been a positive term for Chaucer with the MADD performances and sporting activities.

Students engaged in Football, Dodgeball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Fitness activities to round off the end of a great term!

Music, Art and Drama (MADD)
All enjoyed the amazing performances from our very talented Chaucer students. We would like to say a special thank you to all students who took part and assisted with making our end of year MADD spectacular possible. 

We hope you all have a lovely holiday and see you in the New Year with best wishes from all at Chaucer School.

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